Currently on Repeat

Those of you who follow me on Facebook and know me in “real life” know that I often joke about dancing it out. Only the thing is, I’m not joking. When I get stressed or angry or sad or overwhelmed, I jump around like a crazy person until I’m totally out of breath and don’t feel like crying anymore DANCE!!  It works! I swear! It isn’t pretty, but as the saying goes – dance like nobody is watching!

There’s some of this

A bit of this

And yeah, this too

Work has been a bit crazy lately and I’ve had to take a dance break or two (or a whole lot more than 2) in the last couple weeks. And yeah sure you might get a look or two when you open your office door huffing and puffing, but you do what you gotta do.  On today’s Currently on Repeat -my 3 on repeat dance jams.

1. Walk the MoonShut Up and Dance. The title says it all!

2. Matt and KimIt’s Alright  Again, I think the title tells you where I’m going here.

3. StarsHold On When You Get Love & Let Go When You Get It  What do I do when I get lonely you ask Stars? I dance!


In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue…and brought small pox and oppression to the indigenous peoples of the New World. Yay! Ok, so yes, it is kind of a questionable reason to have holiday, but it’s Friday and I have a 3-day weekend and I’m pretty darn excited about it. And some cities are changing it to Indigenous People’s Day, so there’s that. Let’s celebrate with some sales!! Uh, yeah, still totally weird, but discounts are discounts people. Here are 10 Columbus Day/Indigenous People’s Day sales to check out if the shopping bug hits this weekend.







KOHL’S 20% off w/ Code YES2FAM and Free Shipping No Minimum w/ Code: OCTSHIP  – Perhaps the perfect time to check out Elie Tahari for DesigNation


Nordstrom – Up to 60% off and FREE SHIPPING












KATE SPATE 20% off everything with the code FALLSALE20



The Ultimate Checklist, 20% off everything you need for Fall. Use code FALL20 by 10/13




Fall Fringe


Michael Kors, Mara Hoffman, Tommy Hilfiger, Herve Leger via

To fringe or not to fringe, that is the question…this fall. That’s right. It’s trend talk time and today’s trend is FRINGE!  Usually about this time, I’d refer you to a bunch of posts I wrote for the old blog on staying true to your style and not getting caught up in a trend just because it’s, well, a trend, but I still don’t have access to my old content (grrrrr argh!!)  So for those of you who’ve heard it before, I’m sorry, but I figure it’s one of those things that is worth repeating. Are you listening? Ok, here we go.

If you don’t like a trend; if it doesn’t work for your lifestyle, your body type, your vibe, your whatever, DON’T WEAR IT!!!!!

I write posts about current trends to let you know what’s out there; to give you information; to keep you in the know – because knowing is half the battle. The other half, is figuring out what actually works for you.

I personally have some mixed feelings about this one. I’m not really down with the retro-y 70’s urban cowgirl western fringe thing, but I kinda dig the looks that went down the runway for fall above and I would try all the pieces below (or dream of trying the big $$ ones).


ASOS ($55) | Nasty Gal ($ 78) |  ASOS ($317)


Fringe Skirts

H&M ($48) | Topshop ( $72) | Thakoon ($325)

And bags are always a fun way to test out a trend. Of course, if you’re not sure, don’t go for the $800 MK option 🙂


Steve Madden ($68)  |  George J. Love ($160)  |  Michael Kors ($895)


Three Things I Want Right Now

I’ve been eyeing these Vince Camuto booties ($170) for a while now – enough so that they keep popping up on ads on my Facebook page – taunting me. The call the color “Bronzed Washed Sueded Multi Metalic. I feel it is only a matter of time now before want becomes own.


I joined (signed up for?) One Kings Lane a while back when I saw this goldfish bowl on one a Facebook add and thought long and hard about buying it. I didn’t, but now I’m thinking about it again. Ever since, I stop in every once in a while to check out the odd, cool, unique items. This week it was a recipe book that caught my eye. Now, I can’t cook worth a crap, but I love throwing theme parties and I’m pretty sure this book is full of perfect theme party recipes and that I’d totally make them if I just owned a Tiny Food Party recipe book ($14).


And finally, new nail colors for fall.  I’ve been skipping the manis for the last few months to save money. I think I’m going to use that to justify spending money on one or two of these.


Givenchy Bronze Precieux {$20) | Chanel Orage ($27) | YSL Bleu Galuchat ($27) | 3.1 Phillip Lim for NARS Crossroads ($20)

Currently on Repeat

I love music even more than I love fashion, clothing and shopping. Yes that much! My ear buds are in on may way too and from work and I listen to Spotify just about all day long. I love creating playlists based on a song I like and then stumbling upon a bunch of others I end up loving even more. I figured why not share some of my discoveries every now and again and lucky me! I have this here blog to do it. So here are my top 3 currently on repeat. Clearly, I’m in a bit of an electro, indie pop phase.

No. 1 – Kele ft. Lucy Taylor “What Did I Do”

Bloc Party is one of my favorite bands. I’ve seen them a few times live and always leave loving them even more. Their lead singer Kele Okereke is abso-freakin-lutely adorable. He has a couple solo albums and in listening to his latest, I stumbled on this one featuring Lucy Taylor from an earlier album.  In the past week, I listen to it about 10 times a day. I could take or leave the modern dance filled video, but he is pretty darn cute.

No. 2 – Geographer “Verona”

I have no idea where or how I found this one. It might have been a “like” from one of the playlist stations. It doesn’t matter though because I love it. LOVE IT!!!!!

No. 3 – Sky Ferreira “You’re Not the One”

I discovered Sky Ferreira during my Firefly Music Festival prep. She was in the line up and this song was on the Firefly Pandora station. Alas, she ended up cancelling, but I’ll always have the song and it’s been on steady rotation every since June. And it’s been a pretty good “I’m sulking about stupid boys” song for me in case you’re in need of one of those. Side note – I really want the sunglasses she’s wearing in this video.

Are you on Spotify? I’m always looking for people to follow. Share your music with me!!

What’s the Skinny on Skinny Jeans?


Over the last few weeks (more so as thoughts turn to layers and sweaters and scarves ), people have been asking me if skinny jeans are still “in” this fall. One or two ask hopeful that I’ll say “yep, keep on keepin’ on…your skinny jeans.” Sure, it might be because she finds the style comfortable and flattering and everything she wants in a pair of jeans, but I’m pretty sure its more along the lines of after  years and years of searching, she found her “perfect” pair (a pair that is relatively flattering and she can zip 5 out of 10 times on the first try after washing), but now come rumblings that the age of the skinny jean is over and she loathes the idea of starting her search all over for whatever it is that the fashion world has planned for us now. Or it could be this:

The majority of you, however, have asked with thinly veiled disdain, practically begging me to declare “It’s Over! Your thighs and stomachs are free! You are free!!  Well, I have good news for both camps.

Don’t send your skinnies to the shredder quite yet. Plenty of people will be wearing them (probably for years to come) and you will not be ostracized or laughed at for doing so. That said, those of you who have held out this long or just don’t want to try to find a new pair for this season, don’t. There are plenty of other favored fits to choose from this year. Looser boyfriend styles, retro-inspired flares and full on wide leg styles hit the runway in the Fall/Winter 2014 shows. Check ’em out.


G-Star RAW | Dittos | JCrew | Tommy Hilfiger

I think my favorite of the “new” fits are boyfriend jeans. They are like the anti skinny jean. They are loose. They are roomy. They are comfy. They are perfect for tossing on with a funky graphic tee and some brogues to run errands OR for paring with a silky button down, some pumps and a cute clutch for an evening out. Here are a few pairs. Pick your fit with patchwork, embellishments or distressed denim. Those options are going to be everywhere too.

Boyfriend Jeans

GAP ($56) | Paige Denim ($259) | JCrew ($135)

Get all Dazed and Confused with some of the retro-inspired looks.  You don’t have to go full-on flare to start. There are plenty of options to ween you off your skinny jeans. Baby steps!


Loft ($80) | GAP ($49) | JBrand ($224)

OR go all in with uber wide-leg versions like these. While boyfriends will likely be my go-to, I’m really excited about this style. I spent a good deal of the summer in palazzos. I think the ASOS pair will be my fall/winter replacement.

Wideleg Denim

ASOS {$86) | Free People {$148] | H&M ($41)

Hey, You Should Check Out…

this Facebook page called Intelligent, Classy, Well-Educated Women Who Say F*ck A Lot. (Sound like anyone you know?) I stumbled on it the other day when a friend of mine shared this photo.

Photo: It's still early....

It pretty much summed up my week (though there were a few hours left in the day at that point and we were touch and go there for a while on the whole murdering thing). It made me chortle (yes, I said chortle) out loud and of course I had to see more. I went to the page, did some perusing, and discovered this gem which perfectly captures well, just about every weekday morning of the last 5 years.

Photo: Fuck.

 It also provides super practical advice. I’m choreographing my routines for the office RIGHT NOW!

Photo: ......and it's a really fun way to start your week! ;)

And the answer to the following question is yes, yes I have! On a semi-regular basis.

If any of this rings true, go check it out. Guaranteed there will be something on the page to make you chortle.

Three Things I Want Right NOW!

My goal is to plan out a few weekly series. Guess what this one is going to be about? Yay! Gold star for you! This is where I’m going to tell you/show you the stuff I don’t need at all, but is sitting in my virtual shopping cart, nonetheless, just begging me to hit “proceed to check out.” Besides, is it really ever about need? This week:

 THIS T-SHIRT! I mean do I really even need to explain why?!?!?!? ASOS $30


These coffee cups from A Cup of Nostalgia on Etsy ($36 for 4). A while ago, I posted on Facebook how I wanted these pencils because I love Mean Girls and a pencil that says “boo, you whore” is awesome. Problem – I don’t use pencils. You know what I do use? COFFEE!


 And finally, this  GAP camo tote ($50). I think it would be a great addition for my fall/winter toting stuff needs. Not going to promise I haven’t gone ahead and purchased this by the time you are reading this. Think I’m going to need to see it in person, but from the picture it looks like it could work for work just as well as a weekend getaway. I’ll get back to you once I get to the GAP and check it out.



Episode II: A Fresh Start

A LONG TIME AGO (well, May 2011 which isn’t that long ago, but it seems like it’s been a while doesn’t it?) IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY (and by “galaxy” I mean the District of Columbia, but sometimes feels like a different planet) . . . .

It would be really cool if I could have a scrolling text paragraph here setting the stage for this post and giving you the highlights/low-lights of my last 8-10 months like they do at the beginning of Star Wars. That is the theme I’ve been going with up to this point in case you’ve yet to catch on. Not that this blog is about Star Wars, though I imagine I will be talking about movies from time to time. Wait. Hold on. Look what I figured out how to do!!!!



The new website (and total lack of archive from the old blog) isn’t exactly intentional.  In my Wah-I’m-too-busy-and-grumpy-to-bother-with-anything-blog-related funk, I kinda let my old domain name expire and now I can’t seem to access any of my old posts. (Le sigh). [Side note – if any of you WordPress webdesign gurus might be able to help me recover it, please email me. I will hire you!!]

Since the last time I posted, there have been concerts and birthdays and karaoke teams and weddings and reunions and Fashion Week and so much more, but here are a few shots to sum it up.

10155191_10152440497744810_6612103496471909010_n10268617_10152557499684810_4074838846602818711_n10364187_10202995952891321_844575433231123481_n10487209_10152615011979810_560561621576683915_n10502055_10152645350569810_6781855091361820776_nphoto 210436010_10152512353544776_6078933364751900124_n10514476_10204484564097515_9025619968376774472_n10644874_10152737209289810_4476348429925851979_nphoto 1 (1)

I’m going to do things a bit differently this time around.  I’m not going to write everyday, but promise to keep you posted on goings on in the fashion world like designer collaborations, shopping for a cause opportunities, trends, sales, etc.  I’ve had to set my styling and personal shopping biz to the side for now, but I still love to do it when I have time and am planning to do “how-to-wear” posts.  So, if you have items languishing in your closet or just can’t picture how to style those wide-leg trousers you’ve been eyeing online, send me your questions!  I’ll do a post for you. And there will probably be a whole lot of random going on too. Posts about music, about movies, about concerts, about all the (mis)adventures that make me turn to my friends and say “sometimes our lives are like an episodes of The Mindy Project.” So that’s my plan going forward. I hope you’ll join me on this ride.

* * * * *

To start us off (I know, this post is long, but this is time sensitive), on September 23rd, The Limited’s Olivia Pope, Scandal inspired collection goes on sale!!! Put on your white hats and get those credit cards ready, Gladiators.

Alas, I’m not grown up enough to wear all white (it would be covered in coffee stains and metro dirt by 9:00am), so the white suits are out for me. And I do have some concern that as is, some could make me look like I’m dressing up as Olivia Pope for Halloween, but I’ll nix the gloves and take one of each of these please.

scandal-for-the-limited-25 scandal-for-the-limited-11 scandal-for-the-limited-19 scandal-for-the-limited-18

oh and this top too


Scandal Collection photos from Fashion Bomb Daily

Happy shopping and thanks for checking out the blog! Until next time, may the force be with you!

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